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Need of E recycling :

Globally, 50 million tons of e-waste is generated annually and has all ‘potential’ to grow at much faster rate than any other waste streams.

In spite of so resource rich, 80% of e-scrap goes in land fill because of high recycling costs in developed nations. And, the developing nations, where recycling is a natural phenomenon, unfortunately do not deploy environment friendly practice.

Effectively, both the sets of countries are equally harming the environment and polluting air, water & soil and finally we breathe in polluted air, drink contaminated water and eat grains, vegetables, fruits, fishes etc with several toxics.

Electronic waste can have many toxic elements inside. For example, cadmium is one found in personal computer batteries and monitors. It is extremely toxic to humans and the environment. Other harmful elements include Lead, Beryllium, Mercury etc.

How Can Consumers contribute?

Consumers have access to a number of recycling opportunities, depending upon where they live.

DONATING Electronic waste
Electronic recycling events
Authorized recyclers
Many other programs we conduct to collect e waste